Butterfly Butterflies Wedding Cake Topper of Blown Glass

Hand blown glass butterfly wedding cake topper will top off your celebration in brilliant crystal. Artist is Kevin Prochaska, Disneyland glass blower for 10 years.

The soft lines of a heart are shaped from two long ribbons of glass that I carefully pull and stretch into position. To accentuate the butterflies, I etch each of them with sand to give them their velvety frosted appearance and position them in the center of the heart. Butterflies are supported at the ends of two fronds of glass that come together at the bottom. Made entirely of borosilicate crystal for strength and durability, sculpture measures approximately 9 inches tall and will not overpower a smaller wedding cake. Width of heart is approximately 6.5 inches and the base is 4 inches across.Cake topper is hand crafted by San Diego glass artist Kevin Prochaska.